Tips to Keep Your Optional Healthy This Season
By Brandi Smith- Young, PT
Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy


Keeping mentally focused is the key to every athletes success. The old sane “Gymnastics is 90% mental and 10% skill” is very true.  Here are a few mental toughness tips:

1)Keep a goal list on the mirror, refrigerator, in school folders,
or lots of places to have a consistent reminder of their goals.

2) With your goal list place inspirational quotes (ie “I can…
I will… I am” “ I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me”) These are just a few my favorites.

3)  Write down your verbal cues for every skill and/or routine.

4) Do mental Chorography with verbal cues every day
for each skill and routine.

5) Visualize success!

For more Mental Toughness training checkout Dr. Alison Arnold, PhD Sport Psychologist for USA Gymnastics since 1996 and try her mental toughness online training camp FREE for 2 weeks.



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