PERFECT 10.0 Tips

to Keep Your Optional Healthy This Season

By Brandi Smith-Young, PT

Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy

2) CORE:
Gymnasts tend to use their 6-pac muscles and hip flexors instead of the internal abdominals. It’s important they continuously training the internal obliques, external obliques and transverse abdominus. A manual blood pressure cuff used for biofeedback has been proven to help athletes FIND THEIR INNER CORE. The basic exercise is below. For more advanced core see PERFECT 10.0 CORE: FINDING YOUR INNER CORE. You can order online at the PERFECT 10.0 STORE.


Pelvic Tilt
pelvic tilt






  • Place blood pressure cuff in the middle of the low back.
  • Pump the blood pressure cuff to 40.
  • Tighten abs to 50.
  • Belly button pulls up toward your nose and into the floor.
  • Then hold 10 seconds.
  • Repeat x 20

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