Jacob is still young, only 12, but has experienced quite a lot about what success can mean. Within a year’s time, Jacob progressed from getting no bonuses and struggling mightily with Level 5 skills (with scores that had the highest of maybe a 13 or 14 at the end of the season) to now achieving the accomplishment of being 2nd in state (Texas) just a year later with a score of 88.2 and all 14’s and 15’s. Jacob has been a gymnast since 2005 and a competitive USAG gymnast for 2 years.

When he first started competing, he was having pain and difficulty with some skills (several areas such as his heel and wrists). I knew Brandi as she was working with my daughter, who is also a competitive gymnast, and her team already. After speaking with Brandi, I made our appointment for the consultation, and Jacob started seeing Brandi for his issues. After a few months of treatments and Jacob being very serious about following the exercise plan set by Brandi, Jacob was pain free and making some of the skills that had been utterly impossible beforehand.

I know that his work with Brandi is key to his success. Brandi not only was able to determine the cause of the issues with very noninvasive techniques but also was also so encouraging to Jacob. She made sure he understood the importance of his daily exercises with such care and concern. Jacob vigorously followed through with all that Brandi gave him as he was able to understand the importance of it all due to Brandi’s excellent instruction and direction. I personally recommend Brandi and Perfect 10.0 to any competitive gymnast. Brandi is extremely knowledgeable and keeps up with all the latest techniques. She explains by not only words but by hands on examples so the gymnast (and parent) can understand the how and why.

Thank you, Brandi, for all that you have done to help Jacob pursue his passion!


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