My daughter Ally is 12 and a budding ballerina. Ally had very poor flexibility in her ankles. She also had other problems that we would not have known about if we did not see Brandi. She was well on her way to recovery and then mono hit. Unfortunately for Ally it attacked her joints and set her mobility backwards. Ally was preparing to be Clara in the Austin City Ballet’s Nutcracker, a role which she has dreamed about for a long time. In this version of the Nutcracker, Clara dances challenging choreography throughout the entire show including a pas de deux with a professional dancer.

Brandi helped her in so many ways. She helped her work through not only the physical limitations she now had but also the mental challenges that went along with it. Brandi worked with her to improve her mobility. She helped Ally understand what foods were going to help her make progress faster and which foods would set her back. This helped Ally decide she was going to do everything she could to still be Clara. She danced it and did a beautiful job!

I am 100% convinced that without Brandi working with Ally after her mono, she would not have been able to dance Clara in this year’s Nutcracker. Thank you to Brandi for taking such good care of Ally and helping her work to achieve her goals.


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