My daughter, Juliet, hurt her foot in the fall of 2010. At first everyone thought it was tendonitis. She tried staying off her foot, applying ice, etc., but there was little improvement. Our doctor recommended physical therapy. When I called to schedule an appointment, I asked if there was a physical therapist that specialized in treating dancers. What a blessing to have Brandi as our therapist!

While asking Juliet questions and examining her foot, Brandi immediately told us Juliet’s problem was posterior process (bone rubbing on bone, an injury common in ballet dancers), and that it could be treated. Brandi also discovered another problem Juliet was having and addressed it as well. Brandi began working with Juliet and gave her several exercises to do at home. She inspired Juliet to do her “homework” everyday! In two months time, Juliet started back to her jazz class, and then gradually added tap and ballet. Within four more weeks, she was back on pointe!

Juliet left Brandi’s care better prepared for physical activities than we ever thought possible. In addition to Brandi being an outstanding physical therapist, her kind encouraging spirit made us feel as if we were being cared for by a knowledgeable friend. Thank you, Brandi, for sharing your physical therapy expertise with us! What a difference you have made in Juliet’s dance future! You score a PERFECT 10.0 for your compassion and ability to help others!!!


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