I have a 12 year old daughter that competed level 7 last season. During the early summer, she sustained a low back injury that was extremely painful for her. For 6 weeks she rested, stretched, massaged, did exercises, but nothing seemed to help. She was concerned about her gymnastics future. I was concerned about a future filled with chronic back problems. I started looking for a physical therapist that had experience working with kids and working with gymnasts.

I found Brandi. We had to travel a ways to see her. At first we were skeptical that the travel would be worth it, but ultimately decided it would give our daughter the best opportunity to return to the sport she loved. Brandi was great! She provided a detailed progression that had my daughter pain free and back in the gym much more quickly than we could have imagined. Brandi also worked on her underlying posture and form issues to decrease the chances of another injury. We are extremely grateful for Brandi and her expertise!

I returned to working with Brandi the following session via Skype when my wrist started hurting a few weeks before competition season. Since we live out of town, we decided to use Skype. During the sessions, Brandi showed me several exercises to help my wrist. After three sessions using Skype, my wrist was pain free and I was able to compete this season. Thank you so much Brandi!!!!


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