My daughter, Gabriella, fell while figure skating. She was in severe pain when we went in to see Brandi. I own a gym and one of my clients is a physical therapist. I asked who the best pediatric PT in Austin was and she instantly said, with no hesitation, that Brandi was by far the best. She said if anything happened to her children she’d be on the phone calling Brandi right away.

At first it was painful for Gabriella to be in physical therapy. Brandi was very gentle with her. It didn’t take but a few sessions before Gabriella was doing so much better. Within just a few months, she was back on the ice, skating better than she had before. There were probably some underlying issues that Brandi found that actually improved her balance and made her a better skater.

I think Brandi not only is a wonderful physical therapist, but also a kind, caring person who puts a young person at ease. Physical therapy can be uncomfortable. It is important the therapist be able to connect with the patient and that is a skill Brandi definitely has. I feel blessed that we were able to see Brandi.


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