Colt on Pomellel

I started going to Brandi when I was around eight years old for recurring wrist pain due to pommel horse. Little did I know that visiting her would soon become a cornerstone to my gymnastics success. As of the fall of 2020, I am now going into collegiate gymnastics with Stanford University, and this can be in large part due to Brandi’s appointments over the years. I have been a regular patient of Brandi’s for eleven years now with on-going maintenance to keep my body running at its peak performance or for the numerous inevitable “larger injuries” I have accrued through gymnastics. She also has played a role in fundamentally shifting the way I compete. As I moved into elite gymnastics, we worked on goal setting and connecting a clear mind to my body, elevating my performances, as well as making me a better individual. Without Brandi, I am sure that my body would not be able to withstand the brutality of elite gymnastics and I would not have been able to reach my full potential in the gym and in life.


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