I am a level 5 gymnast and I broke both bones in my arm doing tap swings on the high bar; after healing from that injury; but not doing physical therapy I went back to my normal workout. A few weeks later I was doing my round-off/backhandspring/back tuck and ended up breaking one of the bones in my arm again. My coaches referred me to Brandi for physical therapy.

Brandi worked with me every week on strengthening my arm and also taught me exercises that would help strengthen my core so my body didn’t have to rely on my bones as much. She would email my coaches every week with my progress and what I could now work on in the gym. After no time at all she released me to do full workout and I was able to compete the last 3 meets in our season. Brandi also helped me with my mental fears of getting back on the bars and out on the floor. She is amazing and I will always tell all my friends to go to her if they need help!!! Thanks for everything you’ve done Brandi!!!


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