In 2006, I developed an intense pain in my lower back while training gymnastics. The pain turned out to be 4 bulging discs. We were soon introduced to a new treatment called spinal decompression. After the 12th treatment, the pain came back. They told me I had to either quit gymnastics or I would have to have surgery at the age of 12. As a level 8 gymnast, I decided to end my career and rehab my back. Even after my time off, the pain was still there at a 10 on the pain scale. We went to deep tissue massages, chiropractors, physical therapy, and spinal decompression, yet my lower back was still just as bad as before I quit.

Until one of our past physical therapists introduced us to Brandi. She definitely guided us in the right direction. She had pinpointed exactly what was wrong, and gave me the news I had been waiting for, no surgery! I could even start tumbling again. I went to physical therapy twice a week at first. I now go less frequent. I’ve been going there for a few months now and have noticed a huge difference. My pain is now down to a 0 for the first time in two years! I’ve been doing competitive cheer for almost a year now and am now able to do it painfree. Our team made it to the World Competition at Disney World and I made the varsity cheer team at school. Brandi has truly changed my life and helped me get back to what I love.


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