Brenna Beam

My first memories of working with Brandi begin when I was a 10 year old level 5 gymnast. I believe we worked through fixing my super tight achilles and mild tendonitis, but honestly she has done so many fixes for me since then, I could be very wrong! Brandi was the first physical therapist I saw as a gymnast, and I’ve never looked back. Her incredible treatments and positivity have continuously kept me coming back again and again. Brandi has always been eager to assist with even the smallest of issues I’ve had because, as I’ve learned, even a small complication can affect the whole body and mind. 

Most recently, Brandi has been helping me to come back from a major knee surgery I had in March, a week before everything began to shut down due to COVID. I was nervous that making the transition back would be difficult, especially due to the fact that gyms were closed, and I wouldn’t be able to have any in person visitations with Brandi. I have definitely been proven wrong, though, because the entire process has been extremely fluid. Brandi worked with what equipment I had at home, and through zoom calls, has been able to get me back to tumbling and almost 100 percent strength in a mere few months! Just seeing Brandi’s familiar face and being able to talk to someone and get some human interaction in was so nice, especially during the early days of quarantine where we really couldn’t go anywhere or do anything! It was also really helpful to have motivation to workout during quarantine because I definitely would have struggled with that if I did not have an injury to be coming back from!

As I leave for college, looking back on my almost 10 years with Brandi, there are so many takeaways for me. She has helped me physically, yes, but also mentally. I have grown so much more confident in myself and have learned through our many talks the importance of speaking up, knowing my body, and I’ve learned how confidence and mental strength directly correlate to performance. Brandi has helped me connect mental health to physical health, improving my body entirely. I could probably fill an entire notebook with exercises she has given me through the years! Thank you so much, Brandi, I appreciate it to no end.


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