Santa’s List: Top 5 Gifts for Every Gymnastics Facility

By Brandi Smith-Young, PT
Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy

5) Stationary Bike
Every gym needs a stationary bike. Gymnast put 5-14 times their body weight through their joints. Low impact exercise is imperative to prolonging their careers and decreased injury. A stationary bike can be used in so many ways :

-interval training in between routines on any event. Minute and half routine followed by 1 minute mid range resistance and speed then 1 min and half higher resistance bike sprint. Repeat 3 times then do another routine.

-great for warm up for all athletes especially injured athletes who need decrease repetitions of impact or no impact.

– great for cross training and cardiovascular fitness post season getting ready for new skills. Place the bike on higher resistance and mid to low range speed go 10-20 min.

-great for end of season training to keep up fitness level when doing lower repetitions on events.

-great for injury prevention and injury rehab.

-when an athlete can’t do something due to pain stick them on the bike and let them go!

-self paced or pre paced by the bike…no supervision required once the athlete has been instructed on equipment use and safety. Tell the athlete they must stay at a certain RPM or be sweating and depending on the goal unable to carry a conversation, otherwise they owe you a rope climb.

4) Total Gym

The Total Gym is another versatile piece of equipment.

-lower body workouts: both leg squats, single leg squats, plyometrics, heel raises, hamstring curls, and many other exercise. Change the resistance depending on the goal strength, endurance, or rehab.

-upper body workouts: lat pulls great for free hip drills, rows, biceps, triceps and many other exercise

-use the total gym on any event as a drill or station

-use it in conditioning or as a dynamic warm up

-gymnast can use it without supervision once instructed on technique and safety

3) Perfect 10.0 Core: Finding Your Inner Core

Every gym needs a copy to help train their athlete’s inner core.

“A strong core is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance…”

“Proper motor sequencing and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to true core initiation…”

This instructional video on core recruitment by Brandi Smith-Young, PT will help your athlete achieve proper core recruitment to optimize peak performance, enhance shaping, and prevent injury. Proper neuromuscular recruitment and motor sequencing of the abdominals is imperative to initiate the internal abdominal muscles, which stabilize the low back. This video includes a step-by-step progression of abdominal exercises utilizing a manual blood pressure cuff for biofeedback to retrain muscle-firing patterns and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve the shaping every judge is looking for and help keep his or her body healthy.

To order your copy of PERFECT 10.0 CORE: FINDING YOUR INNER CORE and a manual blood pressure cuff. You can order online at the PERFECT 10.0 STORE.

2) Mental Toughness Online Training Camp

Give the gift of Mental Toughness to all of your athletes for Christmas. We all know gymnastics is 90% mental and 10% skill. Every athlete whether they are struggling with a fear, mental block, or just want to that competitive edge can sharpen their mental training to become the best athlete they can be.

Give your athletes two weeks FREE online Mental Toughness Camp with nationally renouned USA Gymnastics Sports Psychologist since 1996 Dr. Alison Arnold. Click here to access her online mental toughness camp.

1) Perfect 10.0 Performance and Injury Prevention Workshop

Give the gift of optimal performance and injury prevention to your team today. Perfect 10.0 will come to your gym and lead a workshop for your athletes and staff.

Performance workshops are perfect to get your team screened as a group for injury risk and biomechanics, which are hindering optimal performance. The workshop consists of biomechanical analysis, strength, and flexibility screening followed by a customized program to address your team’s performance deficits. During the workshop your coaches will be educated on the screening process, exercise program, training tools to optimize your teams performance, and ways to implement it into your current program. Upon completion of the workshop there will be a packet summarizing the recommended exercise program, which was customized for your team.

If you are an individual athlete and want a private session, privates are available in the Austin area or in combination with a team workshop.

Contact Perfect 10.0 today to schedule your team or athlete at or 512-426-6593

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