“A strong core is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance…”
“Proper motor sequencing and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to true core initiation…”

This instructional video on core recruitment by Brandi Smith-Young, PT will help your athlete achieve proper core recruitment to optimize peak performance, enhance shaping, and prevent injury. Proper neuromuscular recruitment and motor sequencing of the abdominals is imperative to initiate the internal abdominal muscles which stabilize the low back. This video includes a step by step progression of abdominal exercises utilizing a manual blood pressure cuff for biofeedback to retrain muscle firing patterns and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve the shaping every judge is looking for and help keep their body healthy.

Brandi Smith-Young has the distinguished honor of being a part of the USA Gymnastics National Health Care and Sport Science Referral Network. She is a former collegiate gymnast on the Texas Woman’s University two time USAG Collegiate National Championship teams. upon completion of her bachelors at TWU and master’s in Physical Therapy at Texas State University, Brandi completed a 3 year fellowship in orthopedic manual physical therapy. Brandi founded Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy in 2008, specializing in injury care, injury prevention, and performance training for gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, and figure skating athletes.

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