Announcing the beginning of The Cincinnati DNA Plyometeric and agility program!

Perfect 10.0 Training is on a mission to improve our athletes’ performance and decrease the risk for injury. The program will increase jumping height, improve jumping and landing efficiency, improve landing mechanics for a perfect stick and in the process decrease the risk for injuries including ACL injuries.

ACL injuries have significantly increased since title IX in 1972. More females are participating in sports than ever before. With this increased participation comes increased risk for certain injuries, like ACL tear. In certain sports ACL tears are 4 to 8 times more frequent in females than males. The cost of tearing your ACL continues to grow, surgery alone is approximately $24,000 per injury with female ACL injuries costing close to 1 billion dollars per year in the US. The athlete looses 8-12 months out of the sport along with the psychological impact. The impact later in life continues to be studied with osteoarthritis post ACL injury.

The causes of ACL injury range from biomechanical, neuromuscular, physiologic, hormonal, anatomic and genetic. Of these the only risk factors we can change is the neuromuscular control and biomechanical components. The biomechanical factor is the mechanics of the take-off and landing in a jump. The neuromuscular component is the muscles used during the jump. Research has shown that girls jump and land different than boys after puberty and this puts them at higher risk for ACL injury.

The research has shown that female ACL prevention programs focusing on sport specific neuromuscular control and proprioception drills can improve landing and cutting mechanics and decrease injury.

The Keys to success:
– Start training early in life

-Incorporate plyometrics, neuromuscular re-training, and agility drills

-Full body strength training and stretching

-Constant feedback from coaches on proper technique

-Performance enhancement

Monday we will start the Cincinnatti DNA Agility program. This is a 6 week program with 3 sessions per week of plyometrics and agility and 2 sessions per week of weights.

Take a look at the link to the youtube video

and the Sportsmeterics website

Let’s get ready to jump! See you Monday.


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